The family Fuselli


Fuselli Maurizio, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, ToscanaFuselli Maurizio

Owner of the company and head of the family. Now manages the company’s business in Italy, coordinates and look for new strategies to maintain and expand markets. Of course, at the same time does not miss anything on the situation of the vineyards and the winery, trying to teach to the best the older children Alessandro and Samuele in the management respectively Winery and Vineyard.

Giovanna Luongo, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, ToscanaGiovanna Luongo

The mother of the family firstly and then all the people related to it, very generous and altruistic that follows the growth of the children and the company. She care all the business administration and directly manage the process worked in the cellar by his son Alexander. The Tasting, her talents, is now the key to the final selection of our products.

Alessandro Fuselli, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, ToscanaAlessandro Fuselli

Eldest son, takes care of the wine in the cellar trying to put in practice the studies of Enology carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Pisa. At the same time looks after the marketing abroad with his parents and is responsible for tours and tastings on the farm.

Samuele Fuselli, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, ToscanaSamuele Fuselli

The medium between the children, formerly known as the little brat, is now beginning to follow the company, impassioning himself more and more management. Meanwhile, carries on the study in accounting in Cecina.

Filippo Fuselli, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, ToscanaFilippo Fuselli

Last but not least is Philip, the youngest of the family, is responsible for take care of the farm animals.


The Winemaker

Fabrizio Moltard

Fabrizio Moltard, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, Toscana

The company relies on the collaboration of the Fabrizio Moltard that from the first harvest following the growth and maturation of wines with great passion and professionalism that characterizes it.
The respect and friendship that binds him with family Fuselli are the ingredients that lead to a perfect understanding in the pursuit of business objectives with quality standards always growing.

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