Storia di una Famiglia, Terre del marchesato - Bolgheri, ToscanaA story that began in 1954, when Emilio Fuselli, a farmer from Marche emigrated to Tuscany in Bolgheri, buy a plot of land from the “Marchese Incisa della Rocchetta”. With the production of this land, built the house, the foundation of the family. After him, his son Aldo, continues its activity with the expansion of the land by introducing the production of extra virgin olive oil.

But it was Maurizio after a decennial experience from Antinori to take over the company, transforming radically, planting only vineyards.

The great passion for the earth transmitted to him by his grandfather Emilio, the search for quality as its target and higher education gained in the field enable Maurizio to hone his capacity and bringing him to the construction of the winery: small but innovative and functional, conceived to unite genuine tradition with all the most advanced winemaking technique. The first harvest was in 2003 with the release of “Emilio Primo”, in honor of grandfather Emilio Fuselli who inspired and carried Maurizio.

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