A chain of family values for an eco-friendly farming

In a society where profit is the main focus and where minimum cost achievement, particularly in farming, is often sought to disadvantage of sustainability, quality of agricultural produce and territories, only a firm values system is what can help us to ‘keep the boat steady in the wind’. Every person has his own roots in the family soil and many times over the years, I found help as offspring of that peasant tradition, to make the right decisions. Sometimes they have not been the most convenient choices, but where the ones where my wife and I identified.

Preserving the soil intact and fertile, nurturing with environmentally-friendly schemes able to improve our vines natural defence and well- being thus minimizing phytosanitary treatments to the absolute minimum in order to preserve Bolgheri terroir, and more, minding our wines naturality, honouring undertakings with customers and suppliers, all this actions are not the easiest choices nor the easiest way to manage the company, but these are our choices to respect ourselves, handing a better and healthier environment over to our sons.

Terre del Marchesato chain of values:
• Eco-friendly viticulture, respectfulness for territory and customer.
• Quality and unicity
• Family tradition, craftsmanship and peasant roots.
• Honesty and transparency.
• Innovation.


Eco-friendly viticulture as respect for customer and territory

A wine producer demonstrates how worthy he is starting ethically with the vineyard. The way he looks after it will determine the quality and healthiness of the wine produced. The firm principles we have set ourselves for a more sustainable agriculture are our commitment to our customers health; however, through the protection of territory and environment hosting us, we not only protect our customers but also people who do not consume it, including the future generations.

Quality and uniqueness

A great wine first has to please the palate, boosting sensory abilities and being appreciated for its very nature. We committed to our customers to make unique and qualitative wines with character and body. We make our best to offer them distinctive and original taste experiences, unusual, involving and in this perspective, we can motivate the choice of a dominant selection of single varietal wines.

Family tradition, craftsmanship and peasant roots

All values on which Terre del Marchesato Company is based lay on our family tradition and peasant roots. My grandfather Emilio and my father Aldo were interpreters of them during their lives, thus earning a company reputation which has to be kept and preserved by me and our future generations.

Honesty and transparency

Professional farmers skills are not the only reason why we earned a positive and reliable Company reputation lasting now for three generations. Having been direct, honest, having always honoured commitments to our counterparts is for us a badge of honour we want to hold firm in the future.


Going after sustainability is a worldwide must, a compulsory choice. Sometimes passing down peasant knowledge and tradition may not be enough; science, technology and innovation supports are needed, maintaining an open mind able to perceive something hidden by our personal belief or limitations.

Know-How enhancement

Our knowledge and our company employees skills makes a know-how patrimony which we try to consolidate and increase through a constant and appropriate education.


What we are

• We are a family
• We are and willing to remain small sized company
• We are bound to tradition
• We mind details
• We are accurate
• We are open
• We are uncomplicated
• We are creativeness with technicality

What we are not

• Not a multinational Company
• Not a mass market
• We don’t follow fashion
• Not superficial
• We are not Not “Cheap”
• We are not unopened
• We are not snob
• We are not just technical

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