Earlier, farmer’s wine has often been regarded as poor-quality production and this was partly true and still is. In many cases farmers have only made a wine production as amateurs, however we need to make a distinction because, in other cases, particularly in areas where the quality of crop had been largely privileged, farmers handed down the ancient knowledge of which they had been keepers for so long, thus growing strong, healthy, age worthy vineyards, which, still today, make legendary wines.

I had the chance to come to know several enlightened mind farmers. Two among them stand out and I fairly owe to them what I am. They were my father and grandfather.

They were careful and knowledgeable farmers originally from Marche Region and over the years, they conveyed me their skills, passion, sense of respect to crops and to the soil hosting them.

Mild but determined at one time, devoted to their land, they taught me about agriculture with their experience, something I would have studied, deepened and scientifically fully understood only years later; thanks to them I knew some of the best natural farming techniques, today re-evaluated as “contemporary and modern” and gained them in my background and manual skills, well before I became aware I had them and how worthy they were.

More comfortable on their land rather than with words they explained to me what they had learnt, teaching me about farming, with the virtue of simplicity, typical of those who really lived it rather than studied, with the accuracy of a full understanding of the” trick of the trade”, achieved through years and by sweat, passing me an important knowledge to be dearly secured and preserved.

In the long run you see that everything comes back and despite I broke free from them making different choices, first working for a decade for Guado al Tasso Estate ( once Tenuta di Belvedere) thus experiencing Bolgheri region wine awakening, then fully converting the family business from rural farm into a wine estate, today, all that wealth of knowledge, represent my landmark.

Land and knowledge were not my only legacy. There was something else I learnt on top of them: loyalty and commitment to the family. Household is very dear to a farmer as the land requires a lot of devotion, love and energy, which a fortunate man, as I am, can find in the family.

For all this I am grateful to my wife Giovanna and our sons Alessandro, Samuele and Filippo with whom I bring ahead the work in the vineyard, cellar and the Company business and share the burden of this new “challenge”: reporting and communicating the values of our company and wines in the best possible way.

Thanks for your kind consideration… we look forward to meeting many of you.
See you soon.

Maurizio Fuselli

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