Bolgheri, ToscanaBolgheri

Bolgheri, now famous around the world for the production of wine and oil quality, is located “in the upper Maremma”, consisting of a circumscribed area lying between the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the hills of town Castagneto Carducci, which as a barrier, protecting the plain, creating a unique microclimate in the world.

The Climate

Across the plain of Bolgheri we have a excellent brightness, either directly from the sun and also thanks to the glare of the sea. A microclimate ventilated, during the hot days of August the grapes enjoy the sea breeze, during the night creates thermal excursion, caused by the refreshing breeze of the hills behind.

The average annual temperature is about 15 ° C, ranging from 5 ° C in December and January to 26-27 ° C in August.

The average annual rainfall is about 600-650mm, with well distributed rain: more abundant during the vegetative development from March to June, almost entirely absent during the ripening of the fruit, then again abundant rain after the harvest.

All this causes a slow maturation and regular, constantly bringing the vintage where in the grapes all qualitative components are in harmony to give substance and balance to the wines.


Terre del Marchesato, BolgheriThe Ground

Deep soil with the correct mix of clay medium body and a skeleton that usually can keep winter’s waters, returning it during dry periods, good for our vines.


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